💸 Progen Token ($PGN)

Crypto X-Seed's PROGEN ($PGN) token's name was derived from the word "Progenitor" which means the origin of a person or a thing.
It is a BEP20 standard token and it is officially represented by its token symbol $PGN and has a constricted total fixed supply of only 1,000,000 $PGN.
It is the "main reward token" of Crypto X-Seed's XENOVERSE (fighting universe).
$PGN token is our Primary Crossflow Token. This means that $PGN tokens are being given out as rewards on our primary P2E Fighting Universe, while on the other hand they are being utilized on our separate P2E Farming Universe.
It is the "main utility token" of Crypto X-Seed's VEXTIVERSE (farming universe) and is the most important requirement to play in the Farming Universe.
Fixed Supply
Contract Address

Token Inflow:

Crypto X-Seed's Farming Universe accumulates $PGN tokens by selling Crypto X-Seed at a price of $0.62 $PGN tokens per piece to its farmer's population.

Token Outflow:

Crypto X-Seed's Fighting Universe rewards players with 2 $PGN tokens for every successful assassination hits.

Token Crossflow:

Farmers/Players of Crypto X-Seed's Farming Universe are required to utilize $PGN tokens to play/farm in the Farming Universe.